The Four Biggest Mistakes You Can Make While Building Your Dream Home in Florida

To finally have the opportunity to build your dream home is an incredible and monumental experience. However, there are mistakes and sometimes, big mistakes, that can turn building your dream home into a nightmare.


Some things that Nautilus Homes would suggest to make this experience as pleasant, productive and efficient as possible are:

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Project Spotlight: Proportional Custom Home in Venice, Florida

Nautilus Homes’ current project in Venice, FL is one of their favorite design projects to date.  A historical and architectural buff, Nautilus Homes President Ryan Perrone thinks their Venice project has it all. “It’s very unique for the area,” Perrone says, “The style of the project is on the cutting edge, yet still maintains historical accuracy and architectural proportion.”

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This Season’s Latest Trends, not Fashion or Pantone Colors but…Custom Home Projects?

Custom-Homes-Builder-in-the-Sarasota-FL-area-NautilusCustom home building in Sarasota FL, like any industry, goes through trends. And especially within the luxury sector, unique aspects to a home can change drastically from season to season. With interesting colors, materials and add-ons, three of this season’s latest trends not only add character to a custom home project but value.

  • “Coastal Contemporary” Styling – This current trend in luxury custom home building brings about a modernization of the Old Florida home. Adding clean and contemporary lines to a historic looking frame.
  • Incorporating Natural Elements – Utilizing stone or tabby concrete (shells or rocks in the stucco finishes, like some Floridian driveways) provides an earthy feel to a project. Cedar or cypress tongue and groove wooden walls are also a current trend.
  • Making Use of Outdoor Spaces – Utilizing the outdoor space has become important to Southwest Florida homeowners this season. Adding interesting aspects to the outdoor areas like fire pits, courtyards and breezeways not only adds living square footage to a home, it also brings more value to the home. While developing outdoor spaces adds value to a home, it also cuts down on added costs like additional wall spaces and air conditioning.

At Nautilus Homes, we aim to incorporate modern trends in our custom homes and renovations, but we always respect the traditional Florida elements that make Sarasota custom homes unique. We design our homes to be timelessly elegant.

Is It Over? Four Key Items You Need To Complete a Project

Let’s face it – When you’re building a custom home in Sarasota, in the thick of things, it’s hard to know when you’ve reached the finish line. When you’re surrounded by details every day trying to finish a project, you can sometimes lose track of the bigger picture.

The front door is in place, check; the kitchen stove is hooked up, check; the faucets work, check.

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Jewel Boxes – Not Just for Grandmother’s Trinkets

Nautilus Homes’ unique specialty in constructing Jewel Box Homes has been so successful that they have had to trademark the term.

Longboat-Key-ArchitectsWe all know what an actual jewelry box is – a small, delicately and ornately hand carved box that contains your most precious and sentimental jewelry. Nautilus Homes takes this notion and applies it to luxury custom home building. Nautilus Homes focuses on quality, not size.

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Nautilus Homes Featured in Real Exclusive Magazine

Get to know who Nautilus Homes and it’s President Ryan Perrone is in this issue of Real Magazine. Click here to read the Real Magazine article, or click below to browse the magazine issue. Read more

Not Just a 9 to 5: A Typical Workday for Nautilus Homes President Ryan Perrone

Being the president at a successful luxury home construction company can employ a jam-packed day, however as the old adage says, when you choose a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. That rings very true for Nautilus Homes President Ryan Perrone.

Ryan’s day starts at 7am every morning with a lot of coffee and jobsite visits to check in on daily process and quality reviews and to determine goals for the day.

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Five Pro-Tips to Build Your Dream Home

When building your dream home in the Sarasota area, what do you need to know?  There are so many details and aspects of a home that don’t even cross your mind before it’s too late and you’re knee deep in stress, confusion and fury.  But with these tips and tricks from the real pros, you can save yourself time, energy and frustration. Read more

Nautilus Homes Featured in Architects + Artisans

Mike Welton helped us share with his readers the modernist influence that Sarasota Architecture has had, as well as the direction it is going.

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Nautilus Homes Featured in Just Luxe Magazine

A big thanks to Just Luxe for capturing the essence of Nautilus Homes.

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