Capabilities - Luxury Residential and Commercial Construction in Sarasota

Creating Bespoke Works of Timeless Art.

We are a full-service general contractor specializing in the construction of one-of-a-kind, luxury waterfront homes and estates. What makes us different? Creating bespoke works of living art.

Custom Homes

Crafted Legacies

At Nautilus Homes, we redefine luxury living through our bespoke custom homes. We create exceptional homes that are a true reflection of our clients’ sensibilities and tastes. From conceptualization to completion, our award-winning homes exemplify unparalleled quality, innovative design, and collaboration with renowned design teams. With multiple generations of experience, we guarantee that your home will embody your unique style and provide an oasis for your family.

“Where other builders want to cut corners, Ryan just wants to do it right. He’s a tough cookie with uncompromising standards. The amazingly talented people that worked on our house sweated every last, little detail to make sure you feel calmed and meditative when you enter our home.”

Connie Lang


Major Renovations and Historic Restorations

Reinventing Spaces

Transform your living space with Nautilus Custom Homes, the go-to choice for major renovations and historic restorations among home builders in Sarasota, FL. Our experienced team respects and preserves the architectural integrity and character of your property while seamlessly integrating modern amenities and enhancements. Trust our expertise in restoration techniques and a keen eye for detail to revitalize historic homes and elevate them to new heights of contemporary luxury.

“We were home buyers with big dreams for our renovation that had great potential. We met with many contractors that shot down our ideas and said it couldn’t be done. Ryan Perrone met with us and saw our vision and assured us that they could make it happen. Ryan and the team were so incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. We can’t thank Nautilus Homes enough for working with us and for such a smooth renovation!”

Julie Sawyer


Commercial and Multi-Family

Reshaped Communities

Nautilus Homes reinvents commercial and multi-family living through our meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising quality standards. We foster sophisticated environments that set a new benchmark for excellence in design and functionality. Our expertise extends beyond construction; we improve supply chain management processes, enhance operational efficiencies, and cultivate a character of pride in our teams, ensuring a lasting impact that resonates through our finished product, creating value for our clients. 

Commercial and Multifamily Developments in Sarasota

“We started the process of interviewing contractors and instantly knew that we were going to go with Ryan Perrone of Nautilus Homes. He was honest, ethical, and completely respected our opinions while providing his own professional insight. I highly recommend Nautilus Homes to any business owner looking to build their dream office space.”


Owner, Strata PT

Residential New Development

Elevated Living

We offer a full-service approach to residential new development that blends decades of experience with an unwavering commitment to quality. Our team possesses the expertise to oversee every aspect of the project, from land acquisition, due diligence, pre-design, , design, preconstruction, construction, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring a seamless journey from start to finish. We collaborate closely with our partners, who entrust us to deliver a professional experience. Rooted in innovation and craftsmanship, we are dedicated to meeting the demands of today’s market. 

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”Nautilus Homes exemplifies extraordinary customer service, attention to detail, and quality work. In the world of construction, communication and teamwork is key and Nautilus stands apart in both. They strive to provide the best service and quality for their clients. They are committed to excellence, and it shows in the quality of their homes!”

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