Shibusa Project Update

Nine months ago we broke ground on a landmark project collaboration with Hive Architects. Named Shibusa – a Japanese concept related to the aesthetic philosophy of simplicity and modesty with refinement in the details. Hive’s design for this residential project embodies this idea with a balance between the simplicity of form and the complexity of the details.

Our senior superintendent, Brad has been leading the charge on the project on the job site and has been doing a phenomenal job!

Some high level project updates:

  • Every trade is working hard to get the project ready for a close-in and drywall date at the end of January.
  • The roof is complete and fully dried in.
  • Scaffolding is being erected around the building and the exterior application will be starting this month as well.
  • The terrazzo (finished floor in the main floor) is fully applied, initially buffed, and protected while other processes are being completed. It’s stunning!
  • By the end of the month, temporary A/C will be installed and the home envelope will be fully closed with the interior will be conditioned.

We have been keeping our long distance clients up to date with live video coverage as well as daily logs and photos. They love watching their dream home come to life in real time from anywhere in the world!

In December, we hosted a topping off party for our employees, subcontractors, and partners onsite. For those of you unfamiliar, “topping off”, or when the last beam is placed atop a structure during construction is a cause for celebration in the construction industry! Guests enjoyed a BBQ luncheon and a beautiful view of the gulf. It takes a village to bring this dream home to life, and it’s important for us to recognize and honor the hard work that our teams (both internal and external) do every day to make it happen.

Check it out!

Ryan Perrone Luxury Home Builder Sarasota, FL

Ryan Perrone, President of Nautilus, addressing the guests in a welcome speech.


Nautilus Homes Senior Superintendents Discussing the Job

Nautilus Homes Senior Superintendents with guest discussing the job


Shibusa Topping Off Party Luxury Home Builder Sarasota, FL

Nautilus Team assembled!


Shibusa Topping Off Party Luxury Home Builder Sarasota, FL

Ryan, President, Abbie, VP of Operations, and Brad, Senior Superintendent chatting.


Guests at the topping off party.

What a beautiful view for lunch!


Home Builder in Sarasota, FL Nautilus Homes Shibusa Topping Off Party

Exceptional view out of the Shibusa kitchen and living room area.



We expect the home to be fully complete and move in ready by the end of June 2020. Stay tuned!

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