Our Senior Superintendent on “What makes our jobs run so smoothly?”

When building luxury homes in Sarasota, Florida the difference is in the details. Today, we’re letting you in on some of our secret sauce- what makes Nautilus job sites run so smoothly keeping jobs on time, within budget, and clients (and subcontractors!) happy and confident. Our senior superintendent, Brad describes what it’s like on a Nautilus jobsite.

Brad was introduced to the construction industry at a young age. His father was a general contractor in Central Florida, and expressed the importance of integrity, loyalty, attention to detail and hard work. Prior to starting his construction career, he spent 15 years as the Director of Facility Management for Proffitt’s, Parisian’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue overseeing 300+ stores totaling 19.4 million square feet of operations.


Brad spent 19 years as Director of Construction developing commercial buildings, multifamily developments, and custom oceanfront homes on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. His priority has always been client relations and delivering above expectations.

In his free time, Brad enjoys spending time with his family, building custom furniture, and enjoying the great outdoors.

So, we sat down with Brad to get some questions answered for you? How DOES Nautilus run such smooth  and ahead of schedule jobs?

While the processes were developed in the office, the field leadership team is largely responsible for ensuring success for our clients. That’s why we only hire the best!

Hear what Brad has to say below!

1. What drew you to work for Sarasota luxury home builder, Nautilus homes?

The opportunity to work with a builder that understands the importance of details and that quality and efficiency can be accomplished harmoniously while delivering above expectations was what drew me to Ryan Perrone and the team he has assembled here at Nautilus Homes.



 2. What makes the job site experience with Nautilus Homes different from what you’ve experienced in the past?

The job site experience here at Nautilus is one that is well thought out, efficiently scheduled, clearly communicated, taking it to the next level kind of site that will never accept “good enough” workmanship. The Nautilus team is an expansive knowledge base that draws on each of our strengths to delivery a product above all the rest while always looking for ways to improve the process.


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 3. What processes/operations does Nautilus utilize ensure our jobs run smoothly and on schedule?

Nautilus Homes is a top luxury home builder in Sarasota. We have several processes in place that we draw on for daily support that make the difference in being the best. A really solid construction management software is the backbone of our daily operations starting with detailed daily report, integrated scheduling, efficient RFI process and a smooth submittal program to ensure everything is documented and up to the minute information availability. Clearly defined expectations, time tested management practices and the equipment to support the process I believe elevates Nautilus Homes above the rest of the competition. Countless hours have been spent developing the processes that we utilize daily and are always be improved upon as we grow.

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4. What is it like working on a Nautilus job site?

I find working on a Nautilus job site enjoyable because the expectations are clearly defined for not only myself, but for the sub contractors as well. Each Nautilus jobsite is run by the same set of rules so the sub contractor knows when he comes to a Nautilus job site, he needs to come prepared, follow the rules, and step up his game because anything less than that is unacceptable.  We work closely with our sub contractors and have fun doing it with the understanding Nautilus is about taking it to the next level.


 5. How does it feel to be building one of our landmark homes, Shibusa?

Shibusa is the balance of simplicity and complexity and has taken on a life of it’s own.  It’s not just a house, but a piece of art that will be revered throughout the years, but strong enough to protect its occupants. Back in April, I planted a few seeds in the form of grade beams and pilings and each day Shibusa continues to grow with daily care and attention until it will bloom in the summer of 2020. I love how the textures change as the weather changes, early morning is different than mid day and in the evening it changes yet again.  How cool is that.  I am honored to be part of the development of Shibusa.

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