We are grateful to work with some amazing clients throughout the Sarasota area. One of the aspects we love best is really getting to know each client as a friend, learning about their vision, and helping them articulate that vision into a beautiful new home for them and their family.

Cliff Scholz

“Nautilus Homes is an excellent resource for our architectural firm. We provide design services for high end waterfront residences and Ryan Perrone at Nautilus is a custom residential construction firm that we can rely on to provide our clients with craftsmanship, accountability and well communicated contracting.”

Cliff ScholzClifford M. Scholz Architects, Sarasota FL

“I have worked with many tradesman, project managers and business owners over the years, but there are only a few that I admire and watch closely so that I might learn how to be a better person and professional. In my opinion the passion for ones work and attention to detail is very important. If you want these traits for your project then do not hesitate to choose Ryan Perrone and The Nautilus Homes Team.”

Antonio AguilarWoodwork Designer with Elite Woodwork

Ryan Perrone and Nautilus Homes exemplify extraordinary customer service, attention to detail, and quality work. In the world of construction, communication and teamwork is key and Nautilus Homes stands apart in both of those areas. Their entire team strives to provide the best service and quality for their clients. They are committed to excellence, and it shows in the quality of their homes!

Echt ArtchitectsArchitect

“We are deeply appreciative of Ryan Perrone and Nautilus Homes for undertaking a successful and beautiful major renovation of our home. Their entire team is dedicated to quality construction and service. They worked well with our design team and were efficient, cost effective, on time and on budget. We received regular reports, photographs and clear explanation of next steps. We will use them again for future work, highly recommend them and are available to discuss their work in more detail. ”


“Pleasure doing with business with one of Sarasota’s finest builders! Ryan Perrone with Nautilus Homes. Does an excellent job in asking all the right questions for his clients! Looking forward to a successful working relationship in the coming year!”

John RandallHurd Windows and Doors (Sarasota)

Nautilus Homes and Ryan Perrone along with his staff were great to work with. The put together a great team and always kept their clients interests first. They are good communicators and do their work efficiently. I would be happy to work with them again.

Maurice Jennings ArchitectArchitect

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nautilus Homes, Ryan Perrone, and Abbie Forrest as they construct one of the custom homes I’ve designed. They have performed admirably, with great conscientiousness, attention to detail, and determination to build the home correctly and in accordance with my drawings and architectural intentions. They have approached this project with intelligence, care, and respect, and maintain a high level of continuing communication, all critical to a successful project. Highly recommended.”

Randle Sample

“Ryan and his team at Nautilus execute with incredible integrity to design & quality build–it was/is clear that their resources & commitment to excellence & follow-up provide both an exceptional home & client experience.”

Mike M.

“We have had a first rate experience working with Nautilus Homes. Ryan has a fantastic eye for detail, coupled with a high quality, efficient style of operation and business practices. We hope to do more homes with Nautilus.”

Holly Dennis Interiors (HDI)

“We have had the pleasure of working with Nautilus Homes on multiple projects this year. As a luxury interior design studio to exceptional homes in the Sarasota area, we are especially impressed by Ryan Perrone’s extra attention to detail, well-organized approach, and appreciation for high quality. These attributes are important to us in any project team member, but especially so in the builder bringing our designs to reality. We look forward to working with Ryan and his team again on another beautiful project.”

Space as Art

“He’s one of the region’s best. Where other builders want to cut corners, Ryan just wants to do it right. He’s a tough cookie with uncompromising standards. The amazingly talented people that worked on our house sweated every last, little detail to make sure you feel calmed and meditative when you enter our home. We really wound up with the dream team. Randy has an earthbound integrity in the Frank Lloyd Wright tradition. Ryan never settles for anything less than perfection. He’s young, but you’d think he’d been building houses for several lifetimes. Walter follows in his fathers footsteps- and I think E. Fay Jones and Maurice Jennings are smiling in heaven.”

Connie LangOwner

“We were first time home buyers with big dreams for our dump of a foreclosure that had great potential. We met with many contractors that shot down our ideas and said it couldn’t be done. To add to the complications, we were in a huge time crunch. Ryan Perrone met with us and saw our vision and assured us that they could make it happen. Ryan and the team were so incredibly helpful and professional throughout the entire process. In the end, we were on schedule and within budget and two very happy new homeowners with our dream first home. We can’t thank Nautilus Homes enough for working with us and for such a smooth renovation!!”

Julia Sawyer

“We started the process of interviewing contractors and instantly knew that we were going to go with Ryan Perrone of Nautilus Homes. He was honest, ethical, and completely respected our opinions while providing his own professional insight and direction. Ryan did a magnificent job of aligning us with an architect that listened and followed our lead.

There are no words to describe Ryan’s attention to detail. He will not settle for mediocre and expects nothing but excellence from his subcontractors. Ryan’s cool, calm, and laid-back personality is very comforting when going through an extensive build out. However, I also knew he had our back every step of the way and would not tolerate any short cuts or missed deadlines. Ryan listened and facilitated making our vision into a gorgeous reality. I highly recommend Ryan Perrone of Nautilus Homes to any business owner looking to build their dream office space. You will be wowed and amazed by his talent. Thank you Nautilus Homes!”

KimOwner, Strata PT

I would recommend Ryan and the team at Nautilus Homes for any custom home build project that you want in the Sarasota Area. Top notch work, great communication, honest answers.

Michael LangFormer Residential Client

Dear Nautilus Homes,

Christine and I wish to thank Nautilus Homes. We are very pleased with our new home. All of the Perrone family were involved throughout the process.

7706_Midnight_Pass_RoadBuilding a home is a yearlong plus endeavor. Nautilus was involved from the start working with us and the architectural firm, CMSA. There are thousands of components that all fit together to make a home. One of the things that separate Nautilus from the pack is that they pay attention to all of these parts. It took the lumber supplier three deliveries of 2×4 wall studs before there were enough straight ones acceptable to Nautilus. The bottom chords of the roof trusses have 1×4 material nailed to them which provides a flat finished ceiling. They visualize all the parts before they are joined together to prevent work from being torn out and done over. And down to the last detail selecting a doorbell that is compatible with the style of your home. The list goes on.

Schedule was very important to us. We did not wish to drag this process out over 18 months which would have been easy to do. Our home start to finish was one year. This includes lot selection, purchase, architectural design, drawing, and actual construction time of 9 months.  To make this happen the builder needs to be working every day, keep their subs focused, and communicate with the owners, suppliers, and subs. Nautilus finished on time.

Thank you again to all of the Perrone’s; Richard, Ryan, and Rickey.  I also worked very closely with project manager, Rick Oswald and of course Jean who keeps it all together.

Russell and Christine James

Homes built for this client:
7706 Midnight Pass Road
Sarasota, FL 34242