Luxury-Home-Builders-in-Venice-FLA Rewarding Experience

At Nautilus Homes, we understand that time is money and experience is priceless. Bringing your dream home to life takes precious time with countless hours of follow-up and negotiations, plus many meetings, phone calls and miles to travel to ensure everything runs smoothly. Even after this time is spent, you need the right contacts and years of expertise to make your vision a reality.

As your contractor, our responsibility is to ensure that the subcontractors deliver your project On Target, On Time and On Budget. The Nautilus Homes team will be involved in all aspects of the construction process, from due diligence during the acquisition of the property to the configuration of the home systems, maintenance walk-through and beyond. We find the best materials and labor to help achieve your ultimate goals: Beauty, Quality and Functionality, without compromise.

While the construction is underway, Nautilus Homes will be your eyes and ears, and most of all, your advocate. We will:

  • Assure that all contractors, subcontractors and other participants fully understand the project’s design and requirements at every stage.
  • Deliver timely and clear reports to you concerning construction progress, milestones and other elements.
  • Monitor the construction process to anticipate difficulties, resolve issues early and keep the works flowing.
  • Administer progress payments to assure that work milestones are being met and all current expenses are paid in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate the final stages of construction, including architects’ punch lists and similar tasks that must be completed.