Jewel Boxes – Not Just for Grandmother’s Trinkets

Nautilus Homes’ unique specialty in constructing Jewel Box Homes has been so successful that they have had to trademark the term.

We all know what an actual jewelry box is – a small, delicately and ornately hand carved box that contains your most precious and sentimental jewelry. Nautilus Homes takes this notion and applies it to luxury custom home building. Nautilus Homes focuses on quality, not size.

Some smaller homes these days lack in value. They’re run down, don’t have enough character, and they’re not taken care of properly. This is certainly not the case with Nautilus Home projects. Ryan and Ricky Perrone and their team believe that just because a home is small, that doesn’t mean it is a lesser quality. The jewel box homes that Nautilus Homes specializes in are beautiful and well-appointed, just on a smaller scale.  In other words, they’re perfect for those who don’t crave the enormous McMansions, but don’t want to sacrifice quality for size.

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