The front of a white mid century modern home with a new modern landscape to match

Sarasota School of Architecture Ness House

We had the rare opportunity to make substantial improvements to one of Siesta Key’s original dwellings in The Sanderling Club. This home, coined the Ness Home after the owners that worked with Tim Siebert, a Sarasota school of architecture pioneer, in the early 70’s, is modest in AC sf yet boastful in history and design. It was originally built in 1958 in what was a cutting edge technology of the time “lambolithic”, solid poured concrete, construction technique pioneered by the original builder John Lambie. We removed all of the epoxy floors from inside and replaced them with 4’x4′ Kerlite tiles. These are 1/8″ thick porcelain tiles with a 1/32″ grout joint. The final product is a seamless, perfectly white floor. While we were doing that we replaced all of the baseboard trims with brushed aluminum. This made for a clean look in keeping with the overall design. Tim Siebert has been a driving force in the Sarasota School of Architecture since the early 1950’s.

The real changes were to the outside though. The landscaping had not been updated for years, the pool deck was all cracked apart and there were some major parts of today’s living that needed updating. The addition of a covered full outdoor kitchen, a new hot tub and a landscape/hardscape that is as artistic as the home and client it serves. All of the concrete elements were created using shells that were artfully spread into the concrete while it was setting. There were no second chances! This space will serve as a home to a beautiful and loving family for many years to come.

Here is an article about the history of the home.


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The front of a white mid century modern home with a new modern landscape to match

Renovations of a Sarasota Modern Icon, The Ness House

Modern outdoor kitchen with Kalamazoo grill and other appliances

Full outdoor kitchen with all Kalamazoo appliances and custom made concrete countertops